Embroidery threads that we work with

Embroidery threads are made of high-quality raw materials using environmentally friendly dyes with the help of the latest technological developments.

A distinctive feature of the threads used by us in embroidery: uniformity, smoothness, softness, saturation and brightness of color, resistance of paint to washing out and exposure to light, look excellent in the finished product.

Scope of application: used for application on clothing, shoes, hats, as well as on any textile and leather materials.

Main Features

Density and twist: 120D/48F

Twist direction: Z=550

Ironing is normal 135c', maximum 160c'

UV exposure: Level 4-5

Linear density: 112cn/dtex

There are 567 shades of embroidery threads, 6 shades of UV threads (in the sun, the thread changes its color from white to any of the palette), 34 varieties of "melange" thread (this is when the thread smoothly changes color to 3 or 4 adjacent shades along its length), 5 colors of metallic threads "gold" and 4 colors of metallic threads "silver" as well as red, blue, green, yellow and pink.